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Organizer, Speaker | Social Impacts of Cannabis Equity Programs in California

  • Date: 05/18/2023 02:30 PM
  • Location: Berkeley, CA, USA (Map)


Researchers from the Berkeley Cannabis Research Center presented on their current investigations and community work. Since 2017 we have studied cannabis producing communities and offer possible solutions to achieve environmental objectives, farmer compliance, and an equitable transition away from illegal markets.


Co-Director:  Van Butsic, PhD 

Virtual Presentations:

Effects & Efficacy of Local Cannabis Bans

Margiana Petersen-Rockney, PhD 

Michael Polson, PhD 

Transformation of Unlicensed Cultivation since Legalization

Ann Laudati, PhD 

Michael Polson, PhD 

The effects of wildfire on the licensed California cannabis industry

Chris Dillis, PhD 

Understanding & reducing cannabis-associated light & noise disturbance on wildlife

Phoebe Parker-Shames, PhD 

In Person Presentations:

Local Regulation of Cannabis in California

Haley de Genova, JD

Joanna Hossack, JD

Daniel Froehlich, MS

Cannabis Permitting & Tribal Cultural Resources

Jeremy Sorgen, PhD

Seth LaRosa, B.S., B.A. 

Impacts of Social Equity Programs 

Laura Herrera, MPA

Q&A Moderator:

Co-Director: Ted Grantham, PhD