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Organizational Development + Research


Organizational Development aligns strategy, people and processes.

It balances the need for internal effectiveness and wellbeing, with adapting to the external environment in which an organization operates.

An Organizational Development Manager helps an organization define their agenda rather than be reactive to needs.

They make a difference by enabling organizations to understand their own processes and systems.

Timeline of Experience

2010 - 2012   Assisted in outdoor/indoor growing operations in Santa Cruz and Oakland, watering and inspecting sites for PM and insects, harvesting, trimming, packaging.

2013 - 2015   Managed raw materials processing teams in Ukiah and Oakland.

2016 - present  Consulting with cannabis businesses seeking to establish industry footing, business structure or assistance reaching compliance.
  • Conducted extensive research on cannabis policy, created financial and operational structure to bring organizations into compliance with city + state laws. 
  • Developed license applications and SOPs for commercial operations in Berkeley, Oakland, Humboldt, Eureka, San Diego, Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks, and West Hollywood, CA. 

2019 - present  Field Research in Mendocino County
  • Launch of retail dispensary in Berkeley.
  • Technical Assistance, Loan and Grant underwriting for Cannabis Social Equity Programs in Oakland, Sacramento and Mendocino.
  • Digital communications and outreach for the Berkeley Cannabis Research Center.

Together, we'll diagnose the challenges you're facing.

I will produce a holistic approach to improving your organization's performance in a systemic way.

1. Needs Assessment and Organizational Chart:
We will discuss your immediate and long-term needs + map out how your organization works.

2. Gathering and Assessing data:
You will share any data, contracts, emails, etc. that you think I should review or begin to Project Manage.

3. Feedback and decision:
I will provide a SWOT Analysis and Risk Assessment. With this information, you will determine what level of intervention is necessary to improve your organization's performance.

4. Form the plan!
I will create a timeline and a plan that is at the heart of your organization, focused on high impact with minimum costs.

5. Intervene:
Some examples of high impact interventions are: creating Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs), establishing an Operating Budget or new Accounting system, Compliance Audit, staff restructuring, group coaching, professional training programs, new software/new vendors, etc.

6. Evaluate:
I will evaluate our process from start to finish. Using an action research approach, I will be continually assessing the impact + results so that changes can be made as we go along.


Laura Herrera is a Consultant from the border community of El Paso, Texas who has resided in the Bay Area for over a decade. Her doctoral research interest is in studying the administration of community reinvestment funds and reparations through cannabis social equity programs.

She holds a Master in Public Administration from the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs at Baruch College, City University of New York. Her dual undergraduate degrees are a Bachelor of Journalism, and a Bachelor of Science Public Relations from the College of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin.


Professionally, she is a seasoned Analyst and Organizational Manager with over 15 years of experience working with diverse organizations such as University of California Berkeley, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, American Museum of Natural History, New York State Health Foundation and Texas Commission on the Arts .


On the periphery, since 2010 she has been deeply integrated in cannabis industry through cultivation, manufacturing, medicinal/policy/ethnographic research as well as exploring the therapeutic uses for cannabis and other plant-based medicines.


Cannabis Research Center

UC Berkeley

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Cannabis Social Equity Program

City of Oakland

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Cannabis Social Equity Program

City of Sacramento

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Cannabis Social Equity Program

City of Los Angeles

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  • Berkeley, CA, USA
  • Available for virtual meetings and masked site visits in Northern California.
  •  Mon-Thurs: 10am - 6pm

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