California Cannabis Research Briefing, Meeting Summary


Margarete C. Kulik, Youn Ok Lee, Van Butsic, Timmen L. Cermak, Ziva D. Cooper, Dominic Corva,T homas D. Marcotte, Dilara K. Uskup, Tracy Richmond McKnight, and Agnes Balla

Social Impacts of Cannabis Equity Programs, Laura Herrera, MPA 

(Table 3. Social Equity Panel p. 5)                                          

Researchers across six different topic areas (environment, cannabis markets, social equity matters, public health, medicinal cannabis use, and public safety) provided brief explanations of their research and its policy implications.

The summary is published in the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research Volume X, Number X, 2024.

The goals of this event were to highlight research that can inform policy issues relevant to the state, and to discuss how research can be incorporated into the cannabis policy landscape.